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The Prerecord-L Mailing List


This is NOT the place to sign up for a Do-Not-Call List!

This is a sign-up form for an email discussion list for persons who are personally interested in taking legal action against the initiators of unlawful unsolicited prerecorded telephone solicitations under federal law (TCPA) or other applicable state laws.

If you are looking for the new National Do Not Call Registry, you want:

Whether you're already active in the effort to stop illegal telemarketing or just considering it, the prerecord-l mailing list can help you to share information, ideas, and experience with others regarding legal remedies for prerecorded telemarketing calls.

To subscribe, acknowledge the terms and conditions, write a brief introductory message, and enter your name, email address, and other information below, then click the Submit button.

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The prerecord-l mailing list is not intended or offered as legal advice.  Messages on this list consist of user-contributed information and discussion among litigants as an intellectual exercise, to hone their own skills, and for their own use in their own cases.  The maintainers of this list do not endorse the use, efficacy, or veracity of any information dispensed.

It is understood that nothing on this list will be construed as legal advice, as no attorney-client relationship can be formed and no legal advice can be given except by an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction with whom you have entered into a representation agreement.

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